Varta - Batterij Longlife Power big box 12xAA | Blister a 12 stuk

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High Energy is Vartas most powerful Alkaline battery, specifically designed for devices with a high constant energy demand, such as portable radios, gameboys, mp3 players, and toys. These batteries are conveniently packaged in a Single Press Out packaging for easy use. Each battery is individually packed for optimal convenience. This battery is also known as MN1500, LR6, E91, 4206, 4006, KAA, AM3, and B15.


- Type: Alkaline
- Power: High Energy
- Suitable for: Devices with high constant energy demand
- Compatible devices: Portable radios, gameboys, mp3 players, toys
- Packaging: Single Press Out packaging
- Individually packed for convenience
- Also known as: MN1500, LR6, E91, 4206, 4006, KAA, AM3, B15